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[ { "Latitude": "46.205569000", "Longitude": "6.140932000", "Title": "Geneva", "Description": "With a peaceful setting blending breathtaking mountain backdrops with stunning River Rh\u00F4ne vistas, Mandarin Oriental, Geneva is a five-star hotel with classic Swiss charm. ", "Image": "https://photos.mandarinoriental.com/is/image/MandarinOriental/geneva-13-exterior-view", "Link": "https://www.google.com/maps/place/Mandarin\u002BOriental,\u002BGeneva/@46.2056592,6.1384633,703m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x478c64d7da5c4f53:0xd7c864881c475e30!8m2!3d46.2056555!4d6.140652", "Region": null, "RegionId": null, "Id": null, "Address": null, "Email": null, "Phone": null, "LinkTarget": null } ]
{ "ApiKey": "AIzaSyDG-eIrJgF9JVq_QM_W520BV1uhEUe0EW0", "Latitude": "46.205569000", "Longitude": "6.140932000", "MapPin": "https://photos.mandarinoriental.com/is/image/MandarinOriental/pin?fmt=png-alpha\u0026bgColor=0,0,0,0", "MapPinActive": "https://photos.mandarinoriental.com/is/image/MandarinOriental/pin-active?fmt=png-alpha\u0026bgColor=0,0,0,0", "CtaButtonTitle": "", "ZoomLevel": "12", "MapType": "property-map" }
Quai Turrettini 1
Geneva 1201
+41 (22) 909 00 00

Situated on the right bank of the River Rhône, we enjoy a peaceful, yet central city-centre setting.


  • Overlooking the river and within walking distance of attractions such as the Jet D’eau, St. Peter’s Cathedral and the United Nations building
  • Within easy reach of Geneva’s chic boutiques and restaurants
  • Short walk to the financial district

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