Netsu 设有开放式厨房吧,烧烤火焰引人注目


下午6:30 – 晚上11:30
下午6:30 – 晚上11:30
Netsu 酒吧
下午6:30 – 凌晨2:00

Netsu 是我们的日式牛排餐厅,由备受赞誉的主厨 Ross Shonhan 主理。Netsu 为宾客展示居酒屋式的传统日式烹饪技巧,即“稻草烧”烹饪法,供应诱人的居酒屋式烧烤菜品、寿司和刺身拼盘,以及其他日式佳肴。此外,餐厅的内饰精美,氛围雅致,为您营造温馨舒适的环境。

欢迎在宜人的夜晚前往 Netsu,在宽大露台就坐,在倒映着熠熠烛光的美丽池水的环绕下,尽享惬意的晚间时光。您还可以前往酒店室外鸡尾酒吧,品啜美酒佳酿。餐厅提供开放式厨房用餐环境,主厨燃烧稻草后,独特的香味便从厨房里飘散出来。

餐厅不仅供应品类丰富的美味菜品,还提供大约 70 种佳酿以及各类日式特色鸡尾酒。我们专门的清酒调酒师会使用独具特色的清酒壶,盛装一系列优质的精选手工酿造清酒。

Netsu 周末午餐菜单*

Netsu 周末午餐于星期五和星期六供应,在开放式的用餐环境中为您带来令人兴奋的日本街头美食风味。尽情享用由蜚声国际的大厨 Ross Shonhan 特别设计的菜单,包含拉面、炸猪排三明治、包子等多种美食。品尝口感清新的传统日式刨冰,融合 Netsu 的招牌口味,并有独特的配料供您选择,例如热带芒果、草莓、焦糖布丁、提拉米苏、巧克力香蕉太妃和焦糖爆米花等多种口味,满足您的甜品味蕾。

*Netsu 周末午餐将于9月20日开始供应

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WOW!!!! Easily one of the best restaurants we have been to in the world!


As someone who works in hospitality and very good at what I do that it takes a lot for someone to impress me, I was extremely blown away with the restaurant structure and decoration ...I will definitely be coming back there. Thumbs up to you all.

Wonderful experience!

It’s really difficult to get impressed with the restaurants in Dubai, but I was really impressed with Netsu and I will recommend this place to all my friends who live in Dubai or just on vacay.